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#39 A2-Plus Montage


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#39 A2-Plus Montage

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#39 A2-Plus Montage

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Beschreibung / Description

Im Rahmen des I.D.-Programms für die US-Army entwickelt, erweitert diese Schiene die Einsatzmöglichkeiten des M-16 A2 bzw. AR-15 (mit Tragebügel) erheblich. Einfach ohne Werkzeug zu montieren, zwei stabile Befestigungspunkte. Die offene Visierung kann weiterhin genutzt werden. Nicht geeignet für abnehmbare Tragebügel.

For the A1 and A2 carry handles on M16/AR-15 rifles.The main body of the A2 Plus mount locks into both the carry handle channel and the handle front support, utilizing two A.R.M.S.® self locking thumbnuts. platform. The A2 Plus mount comes with the A MilStd 1913 rail machined to mate the top of the carry handle. It provides dual mounting capabilities while maintaining the enhanced iron and optic see thru function. The bi-level mounting capability offers multiple combinations of attachments - no tools required. The mount also features a brush breaker at the front to prevent branches and other objects from wedging between the hand guards and the suspended rail. Does not fit on detachable handles.